Visit to Maasai Village

I took one of our demo bikes to a distant Maasai village a few days ago. Everyone loved the bike, and it worked pretty well except for a problem with the lower sprocket, which was the one part Karam didn't re-design yet. Katya got some great footage on tape.

Here are some pictures from that trip:

I'm off to Nairobi soon, exhausted and overloaded with dust from the 6 hour village trip, having forgotten to bring water or to have breakfast, foolishly.

Semyon, Tanzania

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  1. Hi to all at GCS - we at Bush 2 Beach Safaris /African roots foundation are very excited in receiving one of the 1st machines when they come available in the next few weeks.We will be heading back out to Eselalei with bike and sheller ready to set it up at the community center for all to see. We hope to continue to add extra machines and construct a shady area at the center, which can be used by all surrounding bomas as a central station and as time goes on and funds come in through our tourism efforts we will add a extra machines for one and all.