Pictures and Learning Swahili

Hey Everyone,

As promised, footage of our new Tanzanian model! I hoped you could all view the video, but it's too large to send via this internet. I'll try again later on the wireless. Attached is a picture of the ensemble with a clear view of the modification to the design.

Small change in plans; the Father at the house offered this morning to tutor me everyday after dinner for 45 minutes in Swahili. Much simpler arrangement than with Daniel's brother. They tell me the Father is a good teacher and has even tutored the other American guest at the house (who speaks quite fluently). This will be great!

I had quite an adventure this morning. After making arrangements this morning as to when and where to meet Benard in town, I hop on the daladala as I normally do. I tell the conductor "Chama" my stop to Mobility Care, give him my fare and sit back. I must of not noticed when we passed the stop, but the lady next to me asked me something in Swahili about chama and points backward. I took that to mean we passed chama. Suddenly, everyone in the bus starts screaming at the conductor about the "mzungu" (white person) and chama and they stopped the bus. The started asking me something in Swahili. I think they were tryign to tell me that I could wait on the bus and get off when it turns around (based on hand signals), but someone noticed I didn't understand much Swahili, (I understood that much when she said it, lol). So I said "Kiswahili kidogo" (more or less that I speak very little Swahili). Finally, one of the ladies told me in English that the conductor planned to have another bus in the opposite direction take me back to chama for free and it wasn't far. Which they did and I finally got to Mobility Care.

Anyway, I thought it was a bit funny.

I'll keep you posted of any news!

Arusha, Tanazania, Africa

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