Good-Looking Models

Hey Team,

Mini-Update: The model works beautifully!! I had Daniel's brother on
the bicycle and cycling with the corn sheller- chain doesn't fall off
either! The hub works well and we may keep that in the design. I will
take some video and pictures tomorrow and send them at Mobility Care
(they have a faster connection than the hotel).

Benard is helping get a few tools tomorrow in town to help make
product building much faster, then coming by the workshop again. I
plan to ask him if we can pass by the hardware stores again for
ordering 46 or so corn shellers. I'll continue cutting, grinding edges
and marking holes tomorrow. I almost down cutting all the metal. The
angle iron mounts is what is taking the longest. Phew. Well the
machine does most of it, haha, but it's a slow machine.

Next week: bending (using a homemade die), welding and ordering
missing bicycle parts in bulk. (And more depending on what's left)

Non-building update: Daniel's brother is a secondary school Physics
teacher and has experience teaching Swahili. He offered to tutor me in
Swahili (free! I asked first.) after the workshop closes, a few days
the week, for two hours. I may take him up on that offer if my after
work schedule is not too busy.

Other than that, I plan to ask around about microfinance organizations
to pass along the contact information.

Don't forget to look out for my email when you wake up tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Arusha, Tanzania, Africa

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