The GCS Staff House

"Our weekend was filled with a bunch of odd jobs—finding a secretary to staff our office when we’re off at meetings, finding a sign painter for our office front and road sign, and finding a carpenter to make the doors of our office.   We did find a secretary, who had strong recommendations from her former employer, but we soon discovered that she spoke little English and she would need a place to live. Our resolution…she’d live with me…I’d tutor her in English, and she’d tutor me in KiSwahili. The question then was where... The result? I decided to pay a year’s rent to help Philemon finish his [unfinished] house.  I would live in the future newly finished part of his house ... not only will these new spaces be for me, but also for his family. In a lot of essences, it’s a win-win situation.

I think the best way to summarize what we were up to, though, I’d have to say that Philemon summarized it perfectly, “It’ll be the Global Cycle Solutions Staff House. We can put a sign outside.” This would really be the Global Cycle Solutions Staff House and I about died laughing…all three GCS Tanzania staff living in the same house.

So, what’s next?   
Next week: testing all 5 products... manufacture remaining 25 products... 
Week after next: Distribute shellers [designated for customers]
[Customer options will be to either rent it after paying a deposit or to purchase the sheller]

We’ll see how it all goes!"
Jodie, Tanzania

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