First Village visit with CNFA

On Friday, we went to Manyata for our first village visit with CNFA, and it was an incredible experience! The event itself wasn’t a big deal, but just seeing the crowd’s reaction was amazing. Philemon pitched the products and then ended with a demonstration of our sheller, and the 70 people in attendance went wild! Everyone was seated, and everyone started cheering, and then they came running!

Although we had to take off as soon as the meeting ended due to other obligations of CNFA, the impressions on the farmers were real. We gave them our 100 brochures, and as for the connections, I know that CNFA will be our route to meeting these farmers.

Even more, in presenting our product to the farmers, we also connected to the other dealers and organizations in attendance. One of the ladies of CNFA, who was based in Kenya, told us that she would pass word of our machine to Kenya, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all works out.

As for other things, our company is finally registered! So, now we’ll be heading to the Tanzania Revenue Authority to finally get our TIN and then open our bank account. We also got five new shellers from Karam, and they look fantastic. On Monday, we plan to start visiting villages. More stories to come later.
Jodie, Tanzania

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