First Test Drive

"Today, we took our product out for a test drive.  We started out at Philemon’s neighbor’s farm, where we found a room full of maize.   I was planning on just shelling corn all day, just outside the room, but then Philemon had the bright idea that we should take it right outside his shop, which was along the road.


Since we were relocating anyway, we decided to bring out our banner from Nane Nane.   It was great fun, and we ended up shelling the entire room of corn in about 4 hours.   It was equivalent to about a dozen bags of unshelled corn, which was shelled to become about 4 bags of corn.  The machine worked perfectly.  We had some interested passersby and a few boys volunteer to ride the bike.   We treated them to a soda or two, and the day passed quickly.


At the end of the day, our only problem was some squeaks here and there, but with a little bit of grease and the addition of a spacer between the bicycle and the attachment, it was as quiet as can be. 


We’ll have 5 done by the end of the week   Our GCS phone is ringing off the hook.   And our office should be ready next week.   We’re now just waiting for our paperwork to process before we can open up.


Oh, and just a quick note, I just wanted to let you all know that while Philemon is taking English class, I’m taking Kiswahili class…after work, of course.   Off to school!"


Jodie, Tanzania

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