Update on Operations in Tanzania

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while since I've written. I apologize for the silence. IDDS has been very time-consuming, but it is amazing! The people are amazing and I feel very lucky to be here. Talking to my fellow participants, they have much to say on GCS and we will give them a chance to do so...read on!

The shirts have been ordered (dark green with white print, upper right corner has company name and logo, back has website), will be done in a week, will cost around $100 and be delivered to Alphonce.

I spoke to Jodie and Joseph on testing the machines again. There is no guarantee it will be tested by Nane Nane. I have been told that the corn from the farms is not ready to pick yet, but maaaaybe some people have some corn left in their homes and Joseph will send his brother,
working for us in the workshop, to ask around in the village and convince them to let us use a few. If we don't test by Nane Nane, I agree it is not best to sell, but we cannot legally anyway. We must register in Tanzania...We can however take orders!

I have begun working on a customer feedback email/form, jotting down questions I consider very important to know and I can send for review tomorrow.

I have been in contact with Alphonce and working out renting the tarp and night guard.

Semyon, Jodie and I will compile extremely useful information for so that you are more prepared in Arusha.

Michael and I have joined forces again and may try to build a Rahisisha here (with a grinder bought in town) if time allows. I have been told there is corn in the villages we visit weekly, and I myself have seen a huge diesel-powered miller, milling maize. I can push to have this done for some testing!!! More strict engineering testing can be done through my Measurements and Instrumentation class (project requirement- lots of resources). Also, Jodie will be presenting the awesomeness of GCS and pedal power systems in general and holding brainstorm session to gain feedback from all these experts and local people surrounding us. We're encouraging ideas for useful or needed attachments, for example, and pointing people in the right direction if they are interested in obtaining one. Other than that, there is the potential for many different of pedal powered technologies in our conference design challenges- keeping my eyes on
the look-out!

Lisa, Ghana

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