Ending on a Fun Note

Hi Again,

I thought maybe I should add some other fun news. My last week in Tanzania, Joseph took me to many great places to eat - especially one called G&T with fantastic pork and good chipsi (french fries) that is rumored to be one of Jodie's and Tish's favorites. On Saturday, after all our work was done, we went to have celebratory drinks at a hotel that also has....a zoo! There is a huge compound for animals like ostriches, peacocks, zebras, antelope and a variety birds and fishes. They had so many little monkeys in the trees above the buildings and open spaces too. There was also a pen of porcupines, alligators, an eagle, a very funny looking bird that you can find in the Uganda national seal, and a giant monkey that hopped over the fence and walked right by us to the trees. That night we saw a live show of a band and hip-hop breakdancers at a popular bar (whose name I can't recall).

So overall- I did a lot of work but enjoyed my time there as well.

Lisa, Tanzania

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