Arrival and Setting Up

Hello All,

I arrived in Tanzania safely! Joseph picked me up and has been very helpful since then, helping me make many many connections and figure out some accommodations, etc. We have been trying to figure out where is the best place to work and with whom (and where to stay for a month). Affordable hotels for me do not have internet, hence, I've either been mooching off nearby houses in his friend's grandfather's hotel restaurant (haha), and some Internet cafes but its not always reliable there (my first cafe, we had a blackout), second cafe, its temporarily not working. I think the potential centers may have internet, but I'll see on Monday and Tuesday. Just a note to all, I'm 8 hours ahead. Hence 9AM is 5PM and so forth. Joseph may be able
to help me find internet for my little laptop with camera for skype somewhere on Tuesday. This wireless I'm mooching off is too slow for that.

I met Shaibu and Joseph met with Bernard for me when I was figuring out my first hotel... They really really want to help us out (talented technicians). We are meeting with them Sunday afternoon. They work at the bicycle workshop in the Vijana Center, but they can
contribute to the design and future fabrication of the Geuza. We will figure out more details of their relation tomorrow. They are coming to Ghana too.

I'm having a very good time with my host, seeing things here from the perspective of someone local.

Arusha, Tanzania, Africa

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